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Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman

With "Batman" and "Superman" movie projects off and running after long periods of development, Warner Bros. has its eye on establishing for the first time a film franchise for their third most popular super hero, Wonder Woman. Bringing on "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" mastermind Joss Whedon, Warner Bros. has looked to a creative whiz with success creating story sensations starring powerful female characters.

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Wonder Woman's Best Covers
Oh yes, it's time to stare at some awesome covers!

Battle of the Week RESULTS: Wonder Woman vs. Invincible
DC's iconic heroine or Skybound's powerful hero? And the winner is...

Battle of the Week RESULTS: Wonder Woman vs. Beta Ray Bill
And the winner is...

Battle of the Week: Wonder Woman vs. Invincible
The time has come for Diana to face her next opponent! YOU can help decide who wins, so get in here and cast your vote!

Wonder Woman Sale Going On At ComiXology
Want to begin reading about Wonder Woman? This is an affordable way to start! The sale includes some of her New 52 run, SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE, and much more.

Battle of the Week: Wonder Woman vs. Beta Ray Bill
It's time for Diana to face her first challenger! Will she defeat the Marvel hero or fall in combat? YOU can help determine the verdict, so get in here and cast your vote!

A Wonder Woman Video Game: Why It Could Be Awesome
Do you want to play as an iconic DC character who's an excellent fighter and surrounded by cool mythology? Great, so do we! Let's talk about why a Wonder Woman game could have so much potential and why one should be made.

The Wonder Woman Movie: 5 Reasons It Can Be Awesome
In 2017, we'll finally get to see a Wonder Woman movie in theaters. Here's why we hope it'll be worth the wait!

Preview: WONDER WOMAN #36
It's the start of a new era for Wonder Woman.

'Wonder Woman' film taps 'Breaking Bad,' 'Game of Thrones' director
Frontrunner for the director's position on "Wonder Woman" is Michelle MacLaren, who has steered "Breaking Bad," "The Walking Dead" and "Game of Thrones."

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Did You Know?
"Wonder Woman" nearly got off the ground in the 90s during the "Batman" movie craze, with producer Joel Silver behind the project and Sandra Bullock rumored for the role.
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