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Tori Spelling Social Media Watch

This page scans social media sites for posts about Tori Spelling. Sites scanned include Twitter, Google BlogSearch, Digg and FriendFeed. The results below contain content that is not representative of Celebopedia's opinions about Tori Spelling -- it is purely what people are posting on a few popular social media sites about Tori Spelling. Keep in mind what you see below is just what people are saying on the Internet, and anyone can say anything so take it with a grain of salt.

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Tori Spelling & Her Reality Show Producers Accused Of Even More ...
Not only have Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott been accused of faking their entire cheating scandal for cameras, but now the people BEHIND the True Tori show are under fire! Reports have surfaced that questions ...

Crazy Or Sweet? Tori Spelling's Husband Got A Tattoo - Perez Hilton
Wow! We can't believe Dean McDermott did this for Tori Spelling!

Dean McDermott Told Tori Spelling He Cheated With Other Women ...
On Tuesday night's True Tori special Tori Spelling claimed she didn't know if Dean McDermott had cheated on her with more than one woman because she didn't want to know the answer, but RadarOnline.com has ...

Tori Spelling Interested In Doing Another Reality Show | Radar Online
With filming just completed on Tori Spelling's train wreck reality TV show True Tori, which documented her attempt to save her marriage to cheating husband, Dean McDermott, is hoping to do another docu-series as the family ...

Dean McDermott's New Beginning With Tori Spelling - Radar Online
Tori Spelling and husband Dean McDermott have explored the painful aftermath of his two-day affair with Emily Goodhand in Toronto all season on True Tori, but on Tuesday's night's reunion show for the Lifetime reality series ...

Tori Spelling's Close Friends 'Disgusted & Mortified' Oldest Son ...
Tuesday night's finale of Tori Spelling's reality TV show, True Tori, concluded with oldest son Liam, 7, refusing to take family pictures with cheating dad, Dean McDermott.

Tori Spelling Gives Bribes Son Liam To Not Make Scene In Public ...
Tori Spelling bribed her son, Liam, with toys and candy in exchange for agreeing to appear on True Tori.

Tori Spelling Is Covering Up a Huge Secret About Dean McDermott ...
Tori Spelling Tori Spelling's show True Tori came across as spectacularly and uncomfortably honest, but if a new report is to be believed, it is anything but. The show centered around the fact that Dean McDermott cheated on his wife with one ...

Tori Spelling's Reality Show Ends With Producers Fabricating Tweets
After getting off to a bumpy start, True Tori never managed to fully convince people of its authenticity. So perhaps it's fitting that last night's "reunion" episode rang just as false as the rest of the season, with a little bit of staged ...

Dean McDermott Has Tori Spelling's Name Tattooed Above His ...
Tori Spelling revealed on the finale of her Lifetime reality show True Tori her estranged husband Dean McDermott has her name tattooed above his penis.

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