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Raquel Welch

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Raquel Welch

An American actress, Raquel Welch's film credits include "One Million Years BC", "The Three Musketeers", "Hannie Caulder", "Kansas City Bombers", "100 Rifles", "Myra Breckinridge", "Legally Blonde," "Tortilla Soup" and "American Family."

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Raquel Welch Versus Kim Kardashian
I gave up photography because photographers no longer have any freedom or control. If you are hired or want to photograph anyone famous you are employed as a technician. Managers, publicity people, agents control what you do, own what you produce, then hand it over to people at keyboards who enhance and manipulate. Photography has become a tool of brand management.

The Sentinel published 10,000 BC: John Woodhouse TV preview
10,000 BC Five, 10pmFour†days have gone in the 'groundbreaking social experiment' sending 20 modern-day Brits back to the Stone Age and things are getting tough. Last night, one woman was disconsolate to hear the Twix wasn't invented until 1967. Rations are low, animal traps are empty, and energy levels are dropping. How Raquel Welch maintained that bust size in One Million Years BC is unclear ...

Missing link to climate change?
So I was checking out caveman sex in Israel and I had a sudden insight about global warming.

Relive the glory days with the first five seasons of 'Saturday Night Live' ? which you can't find on Netflix
"Saturday Night Live" celebrated its 40th anniversary on Sunday with a live show featuring many of former cast members and hosts. But let's face it: a three-hour live show isn't long enough to cover all the classic skits.

Bill Carter on Covering 'SNL' and Lorne Michaels: "Many Lost Their Minds in Pursuit" of His Approval
Writing for THR, with insight from Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey and Conan O'Brien, the longtime New York Times writer recounts 40 years of covering the show and its brash producer's bravado, taste and power over his talent. read more

Renowned Make-up Artist Launches Billy's Blues Cosmetics Line With Perfect Navy Mascara and Brilliant Lip Gloss
To answer the question, "What are the two most important pieces of make-up a woman should own?," world-renowned make-up artist, style consultant and beauty expert William Squire launches his ...

Remember when there were actual Oscar fashion disasters?
Mr. Blackwell was the original red carpet bitch‚and these women made his list year after year

There?s a subtle art to good smart pop songs, the ones that you find yourself singing along with and liking more each time you do.

Even 40 Years In, 'SNL' Can?t Shake Its White, Male Image
At 7 years old, Drew Barrymore became the youngest person to ever host Saturday Night Live in 1982†and she still holds that title today. She's one of only two women?the other being actor Candice Bergen?to join the elite ranks of SNL's so-called Five-Timers Club, or the group of performers who have hosted the prestigious comedy show a minimum of five times. One cover features†a crew of all-white ...

Reliable Source: How VIPs mourned Washington cultural force Ina Ginsburg
At a memorial service, they remembered the elegant arts patron.

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She was an early devotee of yoga and is the best-selling author of a yoga book (1983) that introduced this rejuvenating discipline to millions of women.
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