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An American R&B singer/songwriter, Ne-Yo has had a hit song with the ballad "So Sick." He also co-wrote the Mario hit "Let Me Love You." His debut album, "In My Own Words", was released in 2006.

Top Ne-Yo Headlines
Ne-Yo's Voice Gives Woman Seizures, Causes Her to Vomit Uncontrollably
Ne-Yo's music causes British mother Zoe Fennessy to have crippling seizures. Credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Woman Has Seizures Upon Hearing Ne-Yo, Gets Part of Her Brain Removed to Fix It
Maybe you've joked about undergoing elective surgery to get a song out of your head (most recent examples include "Too Many Cooks" and 2012's inescapable 

Ne-Yo Talks Working With Rihanna And "Refreshing" Celine Dion
The Closer singer is staying quiet when it comes to RiRi's new LP, but opens up about his time in the studio with Celine...

Ne-Yo?s music gives one woman seizures
Some people might scoff or sigh when they hear a song they don?t like, but Zoe Fennessey? She gets seizures.

Ne-Yo?s Music Caused This Woman to Need a Lobotomy
Ne-Yo and Pitbull had a chart-topping hit in 2011 called ?Give Me Everything?. The collaboration worked so well for them that they are doing it again. The new tune is called ?Time of Our Lives? and this time it will ?

Ne-Yo: Rihanna's New Album Shaping Up to Be 'Absolutely Incredible'
Dropping in on the UK's Capital XTRA over the weekend after a London performance, Ne-Yo shared some exciting info about Rihanna's upcoming eighth...

Ne-Yo Blamed For Woman's Seizures Recap
Last week Ne-Yo headlined London's Royal Albert Hall, and one person probably not in attendance was London native Zoe Fennessy, 26.

Mother whose seizures are triggered by Ne-Yo's voice has part of brain removed
Zoe Fennessy, 26 from Nottinghamshire, has an epileptic seizure within seconds of hearing the chart-topping singer's vocals - with 'Give me Everything' having particularly severe effects.

Ne-Yo Blamed For Woman's Seizures
Last week Ne-Yo headlined London's Royal Albert Hall, and one person probably not in attendance was London native Zoe Fennessy, 26.

British Woman Blames Ne-Yo?s Music for Triggering Seizures
*Yeah, that headline was read right. A British woman, Zoe Fennessy, is blaming Ne-Yo?s music for triggering her seizures. Fennessy is a 26-year-old woman who was diagnosed with musicogenic seizures. She underwent a six-hour operation back in June. It was then her doctors removed part of her left temporal lobe in order to stop them from occurring. [?]

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Did You Know?
Ne-Yo's real name is Shaffer Chimere Smith.
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