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Melanie Thierry

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Melanie Thierry

A French actress and model, Melanie Thierry's film credits include "Chrysalis", "Babylon A.D.", "The Half Life of Timofey Berezin" and "Largo Winch."

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'Zero Theorem' adds up to almost nothing
In the showy sci-fi fantasy "The Zero Theorem," a man spends his life waiting for an elusive phone call that will explain the meaning of life and, as a result, learns he has led a meaningless life. That kind of elliptical thinking permeates way too much of this latest carnival ride from...

Terry Gilliam's Latest Sci-Fi Adventure The Zero Theorem Serves Up Wild and Wonderful Images
Terry Gilliam is a gifted, ambitious filmmaker who, sadly, may now be more famous for being misunderstood and underfunded than he is for actually making movies. The Zero Theorem isn't likely to reverse that equation. In this half-squirrely, half-torpid sci-fi adventure, Christoph W...

?An Eye for Beauty? (?Le Regne de la Beaute): Toronto Review
Writer-director Denys Arcand ('The Barbarian Invasions') unveils his latest in Toronto read more

Dazzling visuals can?t make up for a plodding story in ?Zero Theorem?
Director Terry Gilliam?s nearly 20-year streak of bad movies remains unbroken with ?The Zero Theorem,? yet another project whose narrative gets swallowed by its design. A lonely, repressed hacker (Christoph...

Movie review: 'The Zero Theorem? goes for naught
It would be too harsh to say the sum equals zero, but that?s not far beyond the margin of error. Terry Gilliam?s latest head trip into steampunk/candy-cane/microdot future shock is ?The Zero Theorem,? starring Christoph Waltz as a sort of worker-bee mathematician toiling away on a kind of philosophical-doomsday equation for a mysterious corporation. Sound vague? It?s even vaguer than that. In ...

Terry Gilliam Sees Future Through Familiar Eyes In 'The Zero Theorem'
Terry Gilliam's latest sci-fi drama stars Christoph Waltz as a computer whiz working to decipher the titular equation. But the film's future is disappointingly similar to those we've seen many times.

Denys Arcand doesn't plan to retire as he promotes 'An Eye for Beauty'
TORONTO - Oscar-winning Montreal filmmaker Denys Arcand just can't bring himself to retire.

Denys Arcand: no plans to retire from making movies
Oscar-winning Montreal filmmaker Denys Arcand just can't bring himself to retire.

The Zero Theorem ( 2013 )
The most popular movies among NYTimes.com readers.

The Zero Theorem [2014] [R] - 6.4.6
Struggling to focus on his mission to uncover the meaning of life, a man (Christoph Waltz) petitions his employer to allow him to work in the solitude of his home while waiting for "the call" that will presumably answer all of his questions about our existence.

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Melanie dated French singer Raphael Haroche.
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