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Liam Neeson

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Liam Neeson

With a powerful yet gentle screen presence, Liam Neeson commands the camera's attenion on film. Best know for his roles in "Schindler's List", "Rob Roy" and "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace", Neeson has also starred in "Excalibur", "Krull", "Darkman", "Michael Collins", "Les Miserables", and "Batman Begins."

Top Liam Neeson Headlines
Liam Neeson to narrate 1916 series
Liam Neeson is to narrate a new television documentary series, produced by the University of Notre Dame's Keough-Naughton Institute for Irish Studies, to mark the centenary of the Easter Rising.

Liam Neeson can terrify you with a children's story
Liam Neeson has successfully entered the "reading the phone book" phase of his stardom, which means the Irish actor could read the phone book and find a way to make it compelling. Or in the case of his "Jimmy Kimmel Live" appearance on Wednesday, it's reading a children's bedtime story.

Liam Neeson Is Hilarious (and Horrifying) Reading a Bedtime Story
Liam Neeson doesn't have time for these monkeys, or their mother, or the doctor she called.

Liam Neeson?s ?Run All Night? is a serviceable mob thriller
In mob thriller ?Run All Night,? Ed Harris tells Liam Neeson, ?We did what we did because we had to.? But some crimes can?t be forgiven, like ?National Treasure: Book...

Is Liam Neeson Stuck Killing People Forever?
The Run All Night star claims he'll quit action films in two years, but will audiences let him?

Why Liam Neeson needs to close up that can of whoop-ass
Last winter?s Liam Neeson action movie was called ?Non-Stop.? The next one should be called ?Please-Stop.? According to the trailer of this week?s Liam Neeson Ass-Kick Flick (TM), ?Run All...

Review: Liam Neeson's 'Run All Night' Is A Better Drama Than Thriller
Thumbnail: Liam Neeson is terrific but the film works best as a straight character drama as opposed to an elaborate action thriller that it arguably doesn't want to be. Box Office: Since this is the third collaboration between Liam Neeson and director Jaume Collet-Serra, the comparisons are pretty easy here. The last two [...]

8 Rounds: Sean Penn vs Liam Neeson, Action Hero Heads-Up Battle
Which elder statesman of Hollywood action gets the win? It?s The Gunman vs Run All Night. Ding ding ding!

'The Gunman' Bombed Because Sean Penn Is Not Liam Neeson
What if there was no would-be ?Taken Effect?? What if the success of Liam Neeson?s Taken films weren't necessarily a sign that moviegoers wanted older male movie stars remaking themselves into remorseless killing machines for our movie going pleasure? What if Taken was just the right movie with the right star at the right time? What if the reason why Taken was a big hit had absolutely nothing ...

Sean Penn says he is not the next Liam Neeson
LOS ANGELES (AP) ? Sean Penn surfs, shoots, sprints, punches and fights for his life in the geopolitical thriller "The Gunman." At age 54, it's easy to assume that Penn, as a rogue ex-special forces officer, is drifting into territory that Liam Neeson claimed just a few years ago with a series of action-heavy box office hits.

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Did You Know?
Before acting, Liam Neeson worked as a forklift operator for Guinness, truck driver, assistant architect and an amateur boxer.
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