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Kerry Condon

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Kerry Condon

Kerry Condon has an impressive resume, appearing in such film's as "Angela's Ashes", "Intermission", "Danny the Dog", and "Ned Kelly". On television, Condon is best known for her role as Octavia of the Julii on HBO's "Rome".

Top Kerry Condon Headlines
'Better Call Saul's' Jonathan Banks: Mike Is "The Dark Thread" to 'Breaking Bad'
The gritty fixer will continue to inject edge into the lighter AMC prequel.

'Better Call Saul' recap: Mike needs cash; Jimmy faces facts
Rather than pack a pistol on a shady protection job, tough guy Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) packs only a brownbag lunch on ?Pimento,? the penultimate Episode 109 of AMC?s ?Better Call Saul.?

'Better Call Saul' Writer on 'Breaking Bad'-esque Showdown, Mike's Future
Vince Gilligan's former assistant Gordon Smith steps out with his own episode.

Postmortem: Better Call Saul's Jonathan Banks Breaks Down Mike's Tragic History
Plus: What does Mike really think of Jimmy?

'Better Call Saul' recap: Light shed on Mike's troubled past
The violent and tragic backstory of former Philadelphia cop and future drug world ?fixer? Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) is revealed in ?Five-O,? Episode 106 of AMC?s ?Better Call Saul.?

'Better Call Saul' Season 1 Spoilers: What Did Mike Do? Episode 6 Reveals Backstory Of 'Breaking Bad' Character
The show is called ?Better Call Saul,? but the titular lawyer (Bob Odenkirk) was barely in episode 6 of the AMC series. ?Five-O? was all about Mike (Jonathan Banks). Fans got the backstory of the former Philadelphia cop Monday and found out why he fled to New Mexico, along with the identity of the woman he was following in episode 5.

'Better Call Saul' Q&A: Jonathan Banks talks Mike's big episode 'Five-O'
Spoiler Warning: Do not read on unless you've seen "Better Call Saul" season 1, episode 6, titled "Five-O."

'Better Call Saul': Jonathan Banks on Mike's revelation
[SPOILER ALERT: Do not read this story before watching¬ ‚Five-O,‚¬ Monday‚s episode of¬ Better Call Saul. ] Welcome back, Mike‚we‚ve been waiting for you. And can we get you something for that wound? It looks kind of painful‚¶. America‚s favorite fixer from¬ Breaking Bad...

'Better Call Saul' recap: Jimmy's dumpster diving strikes gold
Lawyer Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) goes dumpster diving to prove a senior citizens home is defrauding its residents on ?RICO,? Episode 108 of AMC?s ?Better Call Saul.?

Development Update: Friday, March 27
Updates include: Ernie Hudson bound for "Delores & Jermaine" at ABC; Corbin Bernsen cast in HBO's "Living on Video"; and AMC gives the moniker "Fear the Walking Dead" to the franchise's upcoming spin-off.

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Kerry appeared with a recurring role on "Ballykissangel" as Mairead Reilly.
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