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Adrien Brody

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Adrien Brody

Never afraid to give everything to his role, Adrien Brody has quietly established himself as one of the finest actors in Hollywood. While not traditionally stunning like Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise, Brody's understated handsomeness and emotionally deep performances combine to make him all the movie star those two are.

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Adrien Brody plays dazzling illusionist in 'Houdini' miniseries
Adrien Brody plays the internationally famous escape artist in the two-part miniseries, which follows Houdini's journey from a sideshow act to internationally famous escape artist.

Adrien Brody is "Houdini" in two-night miniseries on History
Adrien Brody is riveting in a two-night miniseries that purports to offer a psychological portrait of "The Great Harry Houdini.

For Adrien Brody, History's Houdini Is a Dream Come True
Adrien Brody might have already won an Oscar at 29 for his work in  The Pianist, but for the actor, playing the legendary magician Harry Houdini for History's latest miniseries was a real bucket list moment. "He was a very heroic person to me as a boy," Brody tells TVGuide.com. Much like the magician he idolized, Brody grew up in New York City the child of a Hungarian-Jewish mother and took up ...

Adrien Brody is a lock star in ?Houdini? miniseries
When Adrien Brody was growing up in Queens, he did magic tricks at kids? birthday parties. Billed as ?The Amazing Adrien,? he says, ?I did pretty advanced stuff. I worked...

Before He Played Houdini, Adrien Brody Was 'The Amazing Adrien'
The actor performed magic and "idolized Houdini as a kid," he tells PEOPLE

Adrien Brody Does Not Lead a Normal Life
?In one way or another, we all want to escape,? Adrien Brody says at the start of ?Houdini,? History's new two-part film. ?An ordinary life shackles us. We need to get away. Get away from boredom, from pain, from fear.?

?Houdini? star Adrien Brody gets out of locked handcuffs
Adrien Brody worked some showbiz magic to get out of a pair of handcuffs while promoting his miniseries ?Houdini? this week. The Oscar winner was at the Houdini Museum in...

Adrien Brody surprised at 'sheer pain' of playing Houdini in History miniseries
When Adrien Brody was faced with recreating one of Houdini's most ambitious stunts ? freeing himself from a water torture chamber ? the actor found there wasn't much room for error. His family moved to Appleton, Wis., from Budapest, Hungary, when he was a toddler, his father securing work as a rabbi.

TV highlights: ?The Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Story? premieres on Lifetime
Adrien Brody?s ?Houdini? premieres on the History Channel, and BBC?s ?Hinterland? comes to Netflix.

Adrien Brody on 'Houdini' and Possible 'Predator' Return
The star learned the magician's tricks the hard way

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His mother is the Hungarian-born photojournalist Sylvia Plachy.
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